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Intensive Stroke Rehab

Our Stroke Intensive is meant for people at all phases of recovery from stroke. Participants in the Intensive will complete 3 hours a day of therapy and wellness programming, 5 days a week for 2 weeks. This includes group activities, aquatic therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. 

We designed the program to replicate the intensity received in inpatient rehabilitation. This program is appropriate for folks with chronic stroke who need a "tune up", or people with a newly acquired stroke looking to continue the gains they made in inpatient rehabilitation. 

Why an intensive stroke program?

Repetition and intensity are key to unlocking the brain's capacity for change. In our experience, stroke survivors who engage in a comprehensive, challenging rehab program typically see improvements in their daily life. Developing skills, improving mobility, and making new connections in the brain is possible whether your stroke was 1 month ago, or 10 years ago. 

Prior to starting the program, all participants must have a full evaluation completed by one of our physical and occupational therapists. This ensures that we get accurate baseline testing so we can track how much progress you make within the program. We require a signed referral from a physician or primary provider prior to starting the program, and can help you obtain this from your doctor. 

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Wheelchair Seating Clinic

Our Wheelchair & Seating Clinic is designed to save patients time when being evaluated for a new wheelchair. We bring the wheelchair provider to our clinic to meet with the patient and Physical Therapist at the same time. Working with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and PT together allows patients to skip the hassle of coordinating different appointments at different locations and communicate seamlessly about what type of wheelchair will best meet their needs. 

In order to be referred to our Wheelchair Clinic, patients will need a referral from their physician or provider requesting "Physical therapy evaluation and wheelchair seating evaluation." This will allow our PT to perform an initial mobility assessment as well as wheelchair-specific evaluation with the ATP present. All patients will have a follow up "Fit Check" appointment with the PT and ATP to ensure their wheelchair fits them comfortably and works exaclty as intended. 

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